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      The Health Check-up Center offers physical examination and laboratory tests, which are conducted by medical specialists. Our comprehensive health check-up programs do not only help identify potential health issues before they surface but also serve as a guide to healthy living. Our services include annual health check-ups (both onsite and offsite) based on age and gender, pre-employment health check-ups, pre-entrance health check-ups, and premarital and preconception health check-ups, for which patients can request for the issuance of a medical certificate. In addition, our advanced medical equipment and technology, along with HA-certified service quality, enable us to provide accurate health check-up results in a timely manner.



      Open Monday through Saturday from 08.00 - 16.00 hrs.

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      Health Check-up Center, 2nd Floor, front building (4-storey), Chiangmai Hospital

      Telephone : 053 411 234 ext. 1200

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Health Check-up for All Age Groups

Health Check-up Programs

Health Check-up for All Age Groups and Special Programs

Chiangmai Hospital offers an array of health programs and packages catered to each individual needs. Taking care of your health will no longer be a difficult decision to make. Reward yourself with our annual health check-up packages or gift them to your b
1,400 Baht
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colon cleansing course.

Complementary Medicine Programs and Herbal Products

colon cleansing course.

Our bodies are able to excrete or eliminate certain residual toxins from the body. But not all. Therefore, colon detoxification with colon cleansing machine is one of the best and very popular methods for cleaning waste residues in the body. including muc
1,500 Baht
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