Esthetic Treatment

Esthetic Treatment Programs



No.ProcedurePrice (THB)
1Collagen injection990
2Vitamin injection990
3Skin whitening injection1,500
4Detoxification IV drip1,200
5Tornado thread lift1,700 / thread
6Heart barb thread lift1,500 / thread
7Collagen thread lift480 / thread
8Chin filler7,999
9Undereye filler8,999
10Smile line filler8,999
11Temple filler8,999
12Botox injection (masseter, jawline contouring, forehead, crow’s feet, frown lines, neck)150 / unit
13Mesotherapy for fat reduction (face, cheeks, double chin, neck, upper arms, thighs, abdomen, calves)3,990 / bottle
14Mesotherapy for skin brightening990
15Mesotherapy for treatment of melasma or freckles990
16Mesotherapy for treatment of dark spots990

Remark :

  • The hospital reserves the right to adjust the prices or any information at any time without prior notice.

Promotion Validity Period :

  • Today until December 31, 2022
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